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Below Knee Artery Angioplasty - Case Study

Case 01 : Stenosis Of Anterior Tibial Artery

This elderly patient was referred with gangrene of the great toe of the right foot for one month. In spite of adequate control of his blood sugar, antibiotics, and regular dressings, the gangrene did not heal. Angiography demonstrated severe stenosis of the proximal anterior tibial artery. This was treated with balloon angioplasty, with the restoration of the blood flow. The gangrenous toe gradually healed and did not require any amputation or surgical intervention.

Case 02 : Stenting of Posterior Tibial Artery

70-year-old diabetic gentleman presented with severe claudication pain in the calf on walking. The right posterior tibial artery was not felt. He did not improve in spite of multiple medications. He, therefore, underwent peripheral angioplasty to the severely narrowed right posterior tibial artery with implantation of a medicated stent. There was a good result, with flow upto the foot into the posterior tibial artery. The patient recovered remarkably and now walks upto 2 km per day, even 6 months after the procedure.

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