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Mechanico-Chemical Ablation For Varicose Veins

Mechanico Chemical Ablation (MOCA),(Clarivein-USA or Flebogrif-Poland) is a newly developed, non-thermal, non-tumescent technique for the treatment of varicose veins. MOCA is a good choice for those patients who cannot tolerate needles well It is especially suitable for those with moderate-sized varicose veins, without numerous branches.The superiority of the MOCA technique lies in the fact that it involves the combination of mechanical endothelial alteration using a rotating wire with the infusion of a liquid sclerosant into the vein walls, thus resulting in effective damage of the vessel wall. The treatment is painless, although patients undergoing the treatment typically describe feeling a vibrating sensation. The MOCA procedure for the treatment of varicose veins in the leg takes only 20 minutes to complete, with only one tiny injection of local anesthetic at the site of introduction of the catheter.The MOCA procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance. A thin catheter is inserted via a needle into the treated varicose vein. Through this catheter, a thin wire is inserted. This wire is blunt and bent at its tip, and it rotates at about 3500 revolutions per minute when attached to an external device. This rotation causes the vein to go into spasm. During this time, a chemical sclerosant solution (STS or Polidocanol) is injected via the catheter, which acts on the inner lining of the collapsed vein, leading to chemical damage of the inner lining of the vein, and permanent closure. As the chemical is injected and the wire is being rotated, the entire assembly is gradually pulled back, so that the entire length of the vein is treated. At the end of the procedure, only a small puncture mark is seen, on which a small bandage is applied.

Advantages of MOCA :

  • The technique is effective and safe
  • Reduced Pain levels, discomfort and negligible bruising
  • No risk of nerve and skin damage as the catheter does not generate any heat during the procedure
  • No tumescent anaesthesia required, so no multiple needle stick injuries
  • Rapid return to normal activities immediately.

Varicose Veins Ablation Using MOCA Video

It is important that the procedure is performed by an expert, who has thoroughly evaluated the patient, and is very well experienced in the technique. It is also important to note that every patient of Varicose veins is different, and no one procedure can be used to successfully and adequately all patients. The type of procedure performed is at the discretion of the treating doctor, who may even use one or more techniques to give the best result.Dr Shoaib Padaria has over 30 years of experience in treating Vascular Diseases, and over 17 years in treating veins by Endovenous methods. The first documented case of Endovenous Laser for varicose veins was performed by Dr Padaria at Jaslok Hospital on 6th January 2003. Since then he has performed more than 16000 treatment procedures. Dr Padaria is well versed in all modern techniques of Varicose Veins treatment, and is part of many teaching courses and workshops, both Nationally and Internationally

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