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Varicose Veins  are often painful. And this is caused due to the poor circulation of blood in your legs. But, relax! You need not worry. There are several treatments that are now available that can treat varicose veins, without resorting to major surgery. With new technological advances, there are now many forms of treatment procedures available. But, a note of caution!  Every case of varicose veins is different, and different procedures may be suitable for different types of cases. Just because the procedure is “latest”, does not mean it is the “best”. Sometimes, these are all marketing procedures. So, leave the decision in the hands of your vein specialist. Dr Shoaib Padaria has been doing Endovenous non-surgical procedures for Varicose Veins since 2003, and considered to be an authority on the subject, having written many chapters in Vascular Textbooks on this topic.

Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatment

This is the standard procedure for treating Varicose Veins and has the longest experience and results all over the world.  Due to availability of different forms and sizes of Laser fibers, this technique can be used to treat large and small veins, and Perforator Veins.  Under local anesthesia ( no spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia is used) , a thin laser fiber is introduced inside the troubling vein.

 Laser energy is delivered which generates heat  and causes the vein to collapse and close. The laser fiber is then removed from the vein. The entire laser procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform, and the patients can walk immediately afterwards. We have experience of over 18000 cases of laser treatments performed by us, and worldwide experience has shown this procedure to have good immediate and long-term benefits. Details of this therapy and videos are available on our website A similar method of treatment is Radiofrequency Ablation ( RFA). This was more popular in the past. However, with newer 1470 radial laser fibers being used regularly, RFA procedures are not so commonly used. Furthermore, it is difficult to treat Perforator veins with RFA procedure, and additional Laser procedure has to be used in the same patient, increasing the costs. Details about RFA and videos are available on our website


This method of treatment involves a injecting a medical compound known as a Sclerosing Agent into the veins with a needle, under sonography guidance. This chemical acts on the inner blood vessel wall and causes the Varicose Veins to collapse and close.  This procedure is effective in small sized veins, and in spider veins. When used for larger Varicose Veins, the chances of re- opening of these veins is very high. Sclerotherapy technique is often used as complementary and additional treatment with Laser therapy, to give a good cosmetic result.  Further details on Sclerotherapy are available on our website

Glue Treatment:

Medical glue, Cyano-acrylate, is one of the latest techniques used for treatment of Varicose Veins. Its advantage is that there is no need of local anesthesia, and the procedure is performed in shorter period. However, it should be noted that is useful for deeper veins. When used to close varicose veins close to the skin, the closed veins develop into a thick, hard,  rope like structure, which can  be quite painful for a long period of time. Therefore, Glue treatment has very specific uses, and is not for every patient.

Other Methods of Treatment for Varicose Veins:

There are several other methods of treatment. Detailed information is available on our website

Choosing the right Varicose Vein treatment

If you are confused, about your Varicose Vein treatment, don’t worry. Your doctor will guide you and help you decide which method is the most beneficial for you. For more information about Varicose Vein treatment, you can get in touch with Dr. Shoaib F. Padaria at Doctor House Cardiovascular Center in Mumbai.

  • Watch out for your symptoms: If pain plays a significant role in the decision to remove your Varicose Veins, your doctor will likely suggest a procedure most suitable for you.
  • How severe are your Varicose Veins: No matter it’s small or large veins, they can be treated using a single or combination of different techniques?
  • Age factor: Since all Endovenous procedures are performed under local anesthesia, age is really not a factor. We have treated many  patients over 80 and 90 years.


For more information on treatment techniques visit our website, which is available in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi languages. For an appointment, call our office Doctor House Cardiovascular Center on 022 -23525001 or 022 23526001 between 10 am and 5 pm on Weekdays, and 10 and 2 pm on Saturday. Our Consultation Chambers are at Pedder Road, Thane and Chembur. Call our office for details.

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